ShotTracker® Package


Price as configured: $99.00

ShotTracker® is wearable tech for the baller that automatically tracks your shot attempts, makes, and misses. Slide the wrist sensor into your wristband or shooting sleeve (sold separately), attach the net sensor to the net, launch the ShotTracker app and start shooting.

Package includes: 1 net sensor, 1 wrist sensor, 1 wrist band, 1 charging unit and 1 USB charging cable

What phones will ShotTracker work with?

ShotTracker® Wrist Sensor   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Net Sensor   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Charging Unit   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Wrist Band   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Charging Cable-USB   +$0.00

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