ShotTracker® Let it Fly Package

As low as: $179.95

Price as configured: $179.95

ShotTracker® is wearable tech for the baller that automatically tracks your shot attempts, makes, and misses. Slide the wrist sensor into your LF A+ Tech Elite Shooting Shirt, attach the net sensor to the net, launch the ShotTracker app and start shooting.

Package includes: 1 LF Shooting Shirt, 1 net sensor, 1 wrist sensor, 1 wrist band, 1 USB cable and 1 charging unit

What phones will ShotTracker work with?

ShotTracker® Wrist Sensor   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Net Sensor   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Charging Unit   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Charging Cable-USB   +$0.00
ShotTracker® Wrist Band   +$0.00

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